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Our #1 goal at Naked Eye Graphic Design is to help your business achieve your business goals.  Sure, we can design cool websites and nice logos, but what we really want to do is make sure that the things we make for you can be used as REAL tools to help you accomplish your very REAL goals.  And, most importantly, we want to make sure that we empower you with the know-how to use these tools to build your business.

Family is very important at Naked Eye Graphic Design.  And we know that one of the most important elements in sustaining a happy family is communication.  That is why starting a conversation about your business and really listening to what your business’s needs and goals are is at the center of our design and development process.  Keeping an open communication throughout the entire process is key to project success.

  • Design Imagination 97%
  • Development Knowledge 92%
  • Communication 100%
  • Awesome 100%


Richard Armada

Richard studied political science and business administration at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.  He started Naked Eye Graphic Design in 2012 in the hopes of using his talents to help local businesses and organizations succeed.  Richard has a knack for understanding the issues and problems that businesses face, and thinks outside of the box to find solutions.  He is here to serve your business.

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Richard Armada

Richard studied architecture at Georgia Tech and is constantly pondering the effectiveness and execution of good design.  He believes that good design is a form of art, and if done properly, is a form of art that can be appreciated by all.  Richard understands that executing good design for your business means that you can easily communicate your message and your identity to the masses.

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Richard Armada

Richard has been developing code for the web for 11 years.  And just like our beloved founder, Richard loves thinking outside the box to find elegant solutions to web development problems.  Richard understands that, above all, a website must be functional, and that function should serve to achieve the goals of your business.  A website should be easy to navigate, and take your viewers exactly where you want them to go.  Richard is your virtual “tour-guide” to your virtual home on the web.


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Richard Armada

Richard has an eye for bringing the beauty out of everyday things.  And he definitely has a knack for making your products or services shine in 2 dimensions.  Richard has been an amateur photographer for over 10 years and has been professionally snapping weddings, families, babies, models and products for 3 years.  He knows how to use his camera,  and he loves doing it.


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