Web Design Case Study

The Challenge

Faith needed a website to accomplish a number of church goals: (1) Increase members’ engagement in church activities (2) Increase engagement in the community  (3) Provide a platform of open communication and outreach.  The site needed to be easy to edit by anyone and have a vibrant feeling of growth within the community.

The Solution

In order to increase Faith’s library of pertinent and beautiful imagery, I offered my photography skills to provide professional images that could be used on the website build and in future posts and web outreach efforts.  I created the site on a WordPress platform which is easy to use and made a site that told their story in a refreshing and vibrant light.

The Photography

Site Design and Layout


Visit Faith Presbyterian’s home on the web.


Faith now has a place to call home on the web.

Mobile Ready

Faith’s website gives them the ability to speak to the community, not only on the web, but everywhere they go through a fully responsive website that makes it easy to navigate on mobile devices.

Designed with their needs met

Faith now has an easy to use site that beautifully communicates their identity in the surrounding community.

Reaching the Masses

Faith’s website has a fully functional blog where they can engage the community through event promotion, community outreach and spiritual guidance.